Palau Civic Action Team has always hosted haunted houses every year on Halloween anytime they could.

After the haunted house event they found that their camp has been vandelized with t.v cables being pulled down and their stereo from the gym stolen.

“ Noone was at the gym and there were no cameras on the camp. All soldiers were at the haunted house” said a worker at the CB camp.

All this had happened during the night of the haunted house events on October 30 and 31st , Friday and Saturday.

About 1,170 patrons put together an amazing set up of the event on their campsite that lasted two days to entertain the kids in celebration of Halloween.

The CAT team decided not to report to cops of the incident since there were no cameras on the camp.

Damage to the wires have been repaired immediately because they run along the walls leading into the rooms.

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