Palau Team during the 21st annual Micronesia Cup 2019 that was held in Palau in October. (Photo Courtesy of PNOC)

Palau swept the 21st Annual Micronesian Cup this weekend garnering six golds, two silvers and one bronze.

Competing this year include teams from Saipan and Guam. competitors from Saipan and Guam.  In previous years they were able to have teams from Hawaii and Hong Kong but unfortunately they were not able to make it this year.

The four teams competing this year included The Belau Kanu Club, Poksai and Taotao Gilade (Guam) and lastly the Saipan paddling Club.  It was a 3-day heated event with categories from V1 (single person race) to V6 (6 people race) on going till the next day. On the last day they had long distance and the competition concluded at Kramer’s Restaurant.

The V1 heat on the first day was a 500m of men and women singles competition where most of the Palauan women came in 1st place or place high above another and the same goes for men. Palau had won first in 500m women semi, 1000m open mix semi, 1000m women semi, 500m open mix and second place in the 1000m open mix semi. The event was fun-filled and everyone enjoyed themselves. (Kerdeu Uong)