“Without Palau Conservation Society, where would we be today,” posed Mr. Noah Idechong last night as Palau Conservation Society honored nine (9) founding members during its’ year-end event last evening themed Founders’ Event, “celebrating initiatives that shaped conservation as we know it today” as the Marina Vita in Koror.

The event not only recognized the founders of PCS and their contributions but also certain community members that contributed to the start of the Palau Conservation Society.

“1994 was a watershed moment for Palau and a start of Palau Conservation Society…exploitation of marine resources led to Kayangel and Ngerchelong traditional leaders invoking the “bul” in eight (8) channels of their states to protect fish stocks,” added Idechong, saying this and other similar incidents led to the formulation of the Palau Conservation Society, giving voice to the people, especially to express the growing concerns of their environment.

The founders were Noah Idechong, Sandra Pierrantozzi, Maura Gordon, Julita Tellei, Belhaim Sakuma, Faustina Rehuher-Marugg, (late) David K. Idip, (late) Juan F. Polloi, (late) Adalbert Eledui and (late) Dr. Minoru Ueki.

“I want the future Palau children coming after me to know about dugong and biib because they have seen them alive and not something they saw in the movies” expressed Sandra Pierantozzi, one of the founders of her vision for Palau Conservation Society.

Not only the official founders but the people whose invaluable contributions led to the development and growth of PCS were also recognized.

Late Terteruich Katsusi Skang was recognized and awarded $1,000 for his contribution to the work of PCS and his brother, now Terteruich Harper Skang received the certificate and financial award for his family.

“It is a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with the wise men that came before us.  PCS is where it is today because of its founders,” stated Harper Skang.

PCS was built on a passion for the country 25 years ago by then young people who wanted to do more for their country recounted former founding member Julita Tellei.

Former Executive Director and also a founding member of PCS, Noah Idechong said that is it now time for the young generation to take Palau Conservation Society forward into the next 25 years. 

Palau Conservation Society was established in 1994 and officially open its door in 1995.  Its purpose was to work with the government and all concerns on solutions to environmental protection and sustainability.

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