Palau Election Commission certified the results of the three elections held this month of December, two state elections and one Senate special election.

A special election fill in an At-Large seat in Hatohobei State Legislature held on December 13th resulted in a unique upset where a write-in candidate won more votes than the candidate who ran and campaigned for the seat.  The election results had Paul Homar, the sole candidate garnering 15 votes out of the total 63 votes cast.  William Andrew, a write-in, received 22 votes, winning the race he didn’t run.

Palau Election Commission certified the results of the Hatohobei Special Election, declaring William Andrew the official Legislator At-Large of the Hatohobei State Legislature.  There are a total of 140 registered voters of Hatohobei State.

The results of the 5th General Election of Ngatpang State were certified this week by the Palau Election Commission.  Another election upset where incumbent Governor Francesca Otong was ahead by eight votes after the central and proper ballot boxes completed the tally, only to be overturned a week later when absentee ballots were counted.  Former governor, also challenger for the seat, Jersey Iyar, won by 18 votes.  PEC certified the results this week, with Jersey Iyar as the new governor-elect of Ngatpang State.

The special election to fill a vacancy in the Senate after the untimely passing of late Senator Regis Akitaya was filled this week with the certification of the votes and the swearing-in of the Special Election candidate, now Senator Salvador “Sadoi” Tellames.

The certification of election results follows a prescribed timeline where any person wishing to contest the election results may do so.  After the period passes with no filed objections, the Board of the Palau Election Commission certifies the election results.

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