Flag of Palau (Background photo created by www.slon.pics - www.freepik.com)

Since the announcement of the nationwide election to be held on May 1st, the staffs from the Palau Election Commission have been busy preparing for it.

Palau Election Commission estimates it will cost $50,000 to conduct this election.  Also, due to time constraints the Palau Election Commission will not be utilizing the new machine that they procured to tabulate votes which means the tabulations will be done manually.

PSS Remeliik leaves today to bring ballots to Southwest States.

President Remengesau stated before that if this election is not conducted this May, it can’t be held until 6 months after the General Election in November according to the law.

The upcoming nationwide election will be to determine the language used to define Palau’s boundaries, to include reefs, shoals and other submerged areas around it.

It will seek to expand the definition of baselines to be used to define boundaries of Palau, in line with current United Nations Law of the Sea.

The passage of the amendment requires ¾ of the States to pass by majority of votes cast.  In other words, 12 states need to pass the amendment in order for it to become the law of the land.