Thanks to the strong partnership of Palau Ministry of Education and Palau Track and Field Association a total of 13 elementary schools with approximately over 250 students participated in this year school year cross country event.  Outlying schools such as Peleliu, Kayangel (PJF), and Angaur elementary schools participated virtually. 

The Palau Elementary School Cross Country event concluded with Airai Elementary School capturing the title as “CHAMPIONS”, defending champions Meyuns taking 2nd place, and George B. Harris Elementary school winning 3rd place.  Meyuns Elementary School also able to secure both male and female individual gold medal. Top ten individual female runners included 4 from Meyuns, 2 from Koror, 1 from PJF, 2 from GBH, 1 from Airai.  Top tem male runners included 2 from GBH, 1 from Meyuns, 1 from Melekeok, 1 from Aimeliik, 1 from Koror, 2 from Airai, 1 from Angaur,1 from Kayangek (PJF).

A big thank you to all the parents, teachers, and Principals who supported the event.  Also, a huge thank you to the Aimeliik Elementary School and Aimeliik State Government for hosting the event in Aimeliik and preparing the venue before and after each race. Mesulang!!

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