The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia and representatives from different agencies of Palau came together at Palasia to participate in a training on “International Protocol and Security Management”.

This training is meant to help Palau for the upcoming Our Ocean Conference to be held  from 17-18 August 2020. The people who were chosen to be a part of this training exercise represented various agencies in the Executive Branch, the OEK, State Governments, Semi-autonomous agencies, NGOs, and many others.

During the course of the four day training, the representatives from Indonesia helped prepare Palau with different types of  exercises in regards to security and protocol such as role-plays, presentations, and discussions.

According to  representatives of the Our Ocean 2020 Secretariat, the outcome of the event exceeded all their expectations. To start off, they anticipated about 30 people to participate in this training, however more than 50 people from different agencies of Palau were present to participate in the training.

Additionally, they noticed that a lot of the participants were very engaged with the training exercises such as engaging with one another about how they would handle a simulated situation if it were to happen at the conference. They believe that the participants know how important the event is for Palau and are committed to making sure that they learn as much as possible to further ensure the success of the Our Ocean Conference next year.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia thought that training would be very useful for everyone participating so that they can get the best result for the Our Ocean Conference. They were also pleased with the outcome of the training and thought that this experience brought both the countries closer.

This event was made possible through the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia who conducted the training, Ministry of State of Palau who took care of the logistical aspect of this training, and Our Ocean 2020 Secretariat which coordinated with the Ministry of State with on-the-ground preparations. More training exercises for the conference are expected to happen next year this time from other countries such as Taiwan and Australia.

The Ministry of State and the Our Ocean 2020 Secretariat would like to thank all the agencies for allowing their respective staffers to participate in the training and that their support and commitments are highly essential towards ensuring the success of the conference. (Telbakes Yano)