Palau government will be looking for help to recover from the devastation of the Typhoon  Surigae, including seeking grants for continued community outreach to improve disaster preparedness. 

President Surangel Whipps Jr. said immediate help will be provided to the people whose homes were destroyed by the typhoon, with the Palau Red Cross receiving $100,000 from the United States government to be able to reach out to the people who lost their homes. 

“ We will be looking for help, but the question is , do we have the money, of course we don’t have money, We are leaving off loans and we are still in another crisis,”  Whipps said. 

The president said the assessment will continue to enable them to determine what other help can be provided.

Earlier, National Emergency Committee (NEC) Chair, Vice President J. Uduch Senior said preliminary assessment shows the cage cost at  $2.1 million across six sectors, of education, utility, health, agriculture, infrastructure, and homes. 

 Senior said 30 homes were destroyed and 199 sustained minor damages across the 16 states. 

 Australia government assisted with $50,000 to fund the initial damage assessments and maintaining evacuation centers. 

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