Palau International Airport will begin operating the New Terminal Building today, December 17, 2021. This New Terminal Building will be used exclusively as the Departure Terminal, and the existing terminal will be used as the Arrival Terminal.

The New Terminal building is equipped with new systems and facilities that are better suited for an International Airport, and the layout of the facilities are designed to increase accessibility for those who require assistance. Moreover, pictograms and designs can be found throughout the terminal, showcasing the attractions of Palau. The Palau International Airport Corporation express confidence that this New Terminal is the No.1 airport facility in the whole of Micronesia.

With tourism as the largest contributor to Palau’s economy, the project began with an ambition to contribute to its sustainable economic growth. “Palau International Airport Renovation, Expansion and Management Project” started as Palau’s first PPP (Public Private Partnership) in 2015 and in April 2019, Palau International Airport Corporation began operations of the airport terminal, and while simultaneously initiating construction to expand and renovate the terminal.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of the global pandemic, the number of passengers drastically decreased, and construction was halted. However, PIAC attributed the hard work and cooperation of all of those involved in the project, that ensured the operation of the new terminal. “We will continue renovations in the existing terminal, aiming to have all of the facilities ready for operations by the Our Ocean Conference that will be held in February 2022,” PIAC stated in an official release.

The Palau International Airport New Terminal Building is Palau’s first Public Private Partnership (PPP) project known as Palau International Airport Corporation. Republic of Palau owns 49% of the corporation and Japan Airport Management Company Limited owns 51%. Japan Airport Management Company consists of SOJITZ with 48% investment and JATCO with 31.9% investment and JOIN with 20.1%. 

The new terminal building is approximately 3800 square meters, 2 stories above ground and cost approximately $40 million.

Features of the New Departure Terminal

1.  Colors of Palau

The colors used on the exterior of the terminal is of the Palauan national flag, and the check in lobby floor is a mosaic of the World Heritage Site, Seventy Islands.

On the information signs for passengers, you will find different creatures that we see and love in Palau.

2.Installation of CUTE and New Security Inspection System

CUTE(Airport Common Use Terminal Equipment) is a Web based communication platform, that will allow

Airlines to use a shared check-in system. Implementing the CUTE system will make it easier for new Airlines (both scheduled and chartered) from different countries to begin services at the airport.

The installation of a new security inspection system will ensure passenger safety.


The terminal has also been designed for better accessibility for passengers with disabilities, passengers travelling with infants, or any passengers who require assistance while using the terminal.(Elevator, First Aid room, Nursing room, wheel chair ramp)

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