Palau’s Financial Institutions Commission (FIC) once again notifies the public that the entity, Palau International Bank Limited, is not a licensed bank in Palau and has no relation to Palau Investment Bank, which is an FIC-licensed institution and is authorized to operate in Palau.

FIC issued a similar notice in June 2022, saying that PIBL may have a corporate charter, but it is not licensed by Financial Institutions Commission to operate in Palau.  “FIC is the only bank licensing authority in the Republic of Palau.  Under the Financial Institutions Act, 26 PNC Section 1003 (a)-(b), any entity operating as a financial institution or using the word bank (or derivatives) in its name without an approved license from the FIC can face heavy fines from the FIC and dissolution of the entity as a corporation,” warns FIC in its latest notice.

FIC calls on the public members to notify FIC if they have seen or know of any entity that advertises itself on any platform including social media or any publications as a licensed commercial bank in Palau.  To verify if an entity or an institution is a legally authorized bank in Palau, visit FIC’s website ( to see if it’s listed there.

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