By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

Two states in Palau’s northern reefs Kayangel and Ngarchelong has benefited from a Marine Environment Program conducted by WILDAID Marine Program last month.

A source from the WildAid website through the Presidential confirmed, the reefs are monitored to ensure that small scale fishing is done in a sustainable manner with a better amount of effect and responsibility from its citizens.


WildAid visited Palau last month and hosted a two weeks workshop with the Nature Conservancy and Palau Conservation Society for the two states rangers. The workshop was built off a training held in 2015 that emphasized best practices for patrolling, evidence collection and boarding procedures, hands on exercises allowing the rangers to brainstorm ways to increase compliance, plan community outreach projects, role-play different scenarios, learn new navigation techniques and ensures that illegal activities are penalized.

Enforcement of Palau’s marine regulations ensures that both Palau citizen and visitors harvest its resources sustainably and protect its reef from additional stressors.  Systematic training is an important component of WildAids marine program and the enforcement of Palau’s waters because it ensures continuity in these programs and collaboration between enforcement urgencies.

Thanks to the support of WildAid. WildAid has been working in Palau since 2014 to help strengthen the enforcement of the northern reef states of Kayangel and Ngarchelong prevent illegal fishing and ensures the protection of its pristine marine environments.   [/restrict]