April 10th 2018 – On April 7th and 9th 2018, the Palau National Olympic Committee (Palau NOC), with the Palau Athletes and Olympians Commission held the 1st outreach program this year in Peleliu.
The Sports events began on Saturday 7th April and concluded on Monday 9th April in commemoration of the Palau National Olympic Committee day and the 3rd anniversary of their Majesties (Emperor and Empress) of Japan historic visit to Palau, particularly Peleliu State. Sports programs included Archery, Basketball, Boxing, Judo, Softball, and Wrestling. Softball tournament conducted by Palau Softball federation on Saturday with two teams from Peleliu consist of youth members and Peleliu PPUC employees and two teams from Koror mainly Basketball National team and Belau Force/Fierce. Palau Basketball Federation conducted basketball clinics to elementary students and run 3×3 tournaments. Palau Archery did archery introduction and demonstration to elementary students and Parents. Palau Judo Federation, Palau Boxing Federation and Palau Wrestling Federation held a two day introduction program and learn to box, wrestle and Judo to the youth and children of Peleliu community. The outreach sports coaches and athletes from Koror had time to also enjoy Peleliu with a tour around the island and visited some of the historical sites and war relics as part of educational experience to our young athletes. All events concluded on Monday April 9th 2018 at Camp Beck (Kambek) Dock in Peleliu with a Beach Wrestling Demonstration as part of Peleliu celebration on the 3rd Year Anniversary of the Imperial Family of Japan. Palau NOC would like to thank all Sports federations, Peleliu State Government, Peleliu State community, Belau Force/Fierce for their continued support in making this three day event more successful to our young athletes and community.

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