Koror, Palau – IP&E is the first Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) to renew their membership with Palau Conservation Society (PCS) this year by making their annual contribution. On April 4th, 2018, Dr. Minoru F. Ueki- Chairman of PCS was on hand at the IP&E office to receive the yearly CPC contribution of $5,000 from Mr. Efren Marguez, Depot Manager and Mr. Rod Misajon, Commercial Account Manager of IP&E.

IP&E Palau Incorporation distributes petroleum products in the Republic of Palau. The company distributes transportation fuel to Shell-brand gasoline stations as well as wholesale of industrial fuel to power companies. As a Corporate Partner for Conservation, IP&E has remained constant in their support to PCS through their annual contribution and in-kind donations. IP&E has been a loyal CPC for 14 unfailing years, contributing to a total of more than $75,000 including their gracious contribution that PCS had received this month.

“Protect the environment and support sustainable environment advocacies,” is one of IP&E’s principles and commitment. IP&E’s corporate social responsibility extends beyond the environment & conservation sector. IP&E supports and donates to other causes such as education and youth programs. In the upcoming Earth Day on April 22, IP&E has taken the initiative to donate eco-friendly reusable tote bags to EQPB to distribute to students and awareness week participants encouraging them to utilize instead of plastic bags. They will also be donating fuel for transportation of students from their schools to attend Earth Day activities. They are also looking into participating in the Earth Day activities as well, most likely the coastal cleanup alongside EQPB. IP&E’s willingness to participate in these activities is a visual demonstration of their commitment and consideration to the work being done by organizations in Palau, such as PCS, to ensure that Palau’s environment remains as pristine as it is.

PCS Board and Staff humbly appreciate IP&E for their continuous support and commitment towards helping the environment. PCS is very grateful to IP&E and every other CPC for making conservation their priority. Being aware of the daily challenges that Palau faces regarding our environment, everyone should make conservation a priority.

To find out more on how you can support PCS efforts in preserving Palau’s unique natural heritage, contact PCS Development Officer, Ms. Genna Saiske at 488-3993/4716, or by email gsaiske@palauconservation.org.