The Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) has been a long time champion of Palau’s environmental conservation efforts as well as a Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) to the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) for many years.

PCS Chairman Francis Torribiong and Executive Director Bola Majekobaje were on hand to receive the yearly CPC donation of $5,000 from PPR General Manager Naoyuki Maedani on August 13, 2018.

PPR has been the premier “5-star” hotel in Palau for the past 34 years, meeting the needs of visitors and international dignitaries that visit the island.

As a conservation champion, PPR makes environmental conservation a daily business activity.  A clearly marked conservation area is just off the hotel’s beach where guests can see all kinds of corals, fish, and even cultured local clams.  PPR also manages its own water system and employs solar panels that harness Palau’s seemingly endless sunshine thereby reducing their dependence on public water and electric systems.

PPR’s Green Care Committee’s objective is to continue making programs and activities in relation to environmental protection above and below water that is educational and fun for guests and employees. On July 31, they successfully did their 3rd Coconut Tree Planting in the resort with international guests and employees with the aim to connect everyone with nature and show that their hard work in planting trees makes a difference in the world.

As a yearly event, PPR celebrated Earth Day 2018 by implementing a successful Coral Planting activity for its guests and a coastal cleanup along the coastlines near the hotel on April 20.   The guests enjoyed coral planting immensely remarking that it gave them the opportunity to be part of Palau’s conservation efforts.  The coastal cleanup was done by PPR employees who volunteered their time for this important activity in which trash and crown of thorns were collected and disposed properly.  These activities are clear demonstration of PPR’s commitment to financial, environmental, and social success.  This commitment ensures Palau’s environment stays pristine for locals and visitors to experience and enjoy and have resulted in very real impacts that have benefited both Palau’s environment and communities. (PR)