Disasters both natural and man-made have increased in frequency and severity and Palau has not been spared. In the last eight (8) years it had experienced two super typhoons, a severe drought and now a global pandemic.
This month, a National Preparedness Month, focuses on community preparedness in the face of disaster. Because Palau is in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, all the preparedness activities conducted through out this month are focused on preparation of community for a pandemic.
Palau’s Healthcare Coalition which was created through an Executive Order in 2015, is organizing all the activities involving community preparedness in an emergency.
This year’s Incident Commander, Jefferson Thomas, along with the Palau Healthcare Coalition is conducting numerous activities and events throughout Palau. The theme of this year’s Preparedness Month is “Disasters don’t wait, Prepare today!”
Events and activities happening weekly are aimed at schools, youths and communities. Schools for example, are having their emergency plans tested through various drills and activities aimed at reaching 100% emergency preparedness. Training of teachers and school staff on CPR and updating CPR certificates are part of the ongoing activities.
In addition to schools, other activities aimed at general public emergency preparedness include art contests, singing contests, chesols contests and a virtual emergency and preparedness parade.
In previous years, disaster awareness and preparedness training had focused on different kinds of disasters such as typhoons, fires and other types of disaster. This year, the focus is on COVID-19 prevention.
Palau, through the Palau Healthcare Coalition has been conducting emergency preparedness awareness and training since 2015, every September, the National Emergency Preparedness Month.

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