Palau putting final touch ups in preparation for Our Oceans Conference next week

(Edits: 4/7/2022) Palau says it’s ready for the 7th Our Oceans Conference next week, and that it will co-host with the United States.

80 countries and over 100 non-government organizations have confirmed their attendance at the conference, according to Justin Kenney, from the US Department of State, advocacy and communications for a more sustainable planet, working with Palau counterpart on preparations for Our Oceans Conference 2022.

The Conference will focus on six Areas of Action, Advancing Marine Protected Areas for Communities, Ecosystems and Climate, Tackling Marine Debris, Confronting the Ocean-Climate Crisis or Towards an Ocean Solution for Climate Change, Creating Sustainable Blue Economies, Advancing Sustainable Small –Scale Fisheries and Aquaculture and Achieving a Safe, Just and Secure Ocean.

“One unique event that will be featured that was not in the other conferences will be the indigenous panel,” revealed Olkeriil Kazuo, OOC Media Liaison.  As the first Small Island State to host the event, they will be featuring a panel that talks about local and traditional knowledge on conservation.

The event seeks to obtain commitments toward a sustainable planet that has measurable and impactful results.

1, 400 commitments have been made to date from past conferences worth over 91.4 billion.  According to Kenney,  they keep track of their commitments and their progress.

The main event will take place on April 13 and April 14 but there will be 11 side events before the main events and another 11 after the main event.

The conference on the 13 and 14th at the main plenary hall will be broadcasted live and any interested persons can watch it at the PCC cafeteria on screens.  Only people with badges will be allowed within the area of the conference.

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