Palau pulls its recognition of Kosovo as an independent state in a diplomatic note to the Republic of Serbia this January 17, 2019.

The note states “Republic of Palau suspends any previous decision or declaration on the question as to the status of Kosovo and Metohija.”  It further states that Palau supports the outcome of dialogue “rather than the definition of status before the dialogue is concluded.”

Palau on March 9, 2009 through former President Johnson Toribiong expressed its support of Kosovo’s independence declaration, joining United States, France, Australia, Japan and other 115 countries in recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

In August of 2017, President Remengesau accredited the first non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the Republic of Palau, Ambassador Leon Malazogu at ceremony held in Ngerulmud.

This year, Palau pulls it’s recognition of Kosovo as independent country stating that it will support the outcome of the dialogue to determine the status of Kosovo between Belgrade (capital of Serbia) and Pristina (capital of Kosovo), facilitated by the European Union.

Kosovo, former part of Serbia with population made up of 90% Albanians, voted to become an independent country in 2008.  February 18 will mark the 8th year anniversary of Kosovo’s independence from the Republic of Serbia. (L.N. Reklai)