Palau received enough vaccine yesterday to complete the vaccination of its remaining adult population. EOC Deputy Incident Commander Gafaar Ucherbelau reported, “we will be getting a total of 6,200 Moderna and 4,000 J& J/ Janssen vaccines.  The vaccines will vaccinate 7,100 remaining adult population.

Currently, “vaccination efforts are ongoing to first administer the second dose of vaccines to those people who have gotten their first dose of Moderna vaccine” stated public information officer (PIO) Edolem Ikerdeu in a phone interview. She added, “since these covid-19 vaccines are only administered to people 18 years old and above; looking at the last Palau census, there are about 13,000 to 14,000 people who are of that age. Therefore, considering those who have already taken their vaccines; these incoming covid-19 vaccines should be enough to vaccinate the remaining entire adult population”

When inquired if people can choose their preferred type of vaccine, PIO Ikerdeu mentioned that “we recommend that a person get whatever vaccine is made available to them on their vaccination day since both moderna and J&J/ Janssen are equally recommended” She further shared that the “people are encouraged to call the phone numbers released in our statement online to be scheduled with a vaccination date”.

According to statement released by the Ministry of Health, Covid-19 vaccinations will open to the general public starting on April 19th..  People are required to call 488-0555, 779-5553, 775-8671, or 775-5960 if they want to be vaccinated. There is also personal information that one must submit to the health worker such as hospital number, date of birth and a reliable contact number.  People are urged to have this information available.

Ministry of Health also released a statement in their social media platforms that “There will be enough vaccines for everyone” and asked the public for their patience and understanding. (By: Olkeriil Eoghan Ngirudelsang)

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