On Wednesday September 9th, Palau Red Cross Society and Palau Public Land Authority signed a lease agreement granting Palau Red Cross Society 3,000 square meters of land in Airai.
According to Chairman of Palau Red Cross Society Santy Asanuma, Red Cross buildings should be built in a densely populated area making Koror an ideal place.
Palau Public Land Authority made attempts to find a location in Koror, but could not find any so they tried finding land in Airai and were able to secure one. The piece of land is located near the National Emergency Management Office.
Chairman Asanuma thinks that building a Red Cross office in Airai is a good step. He said that “it’s still close enough to Koror and that a lot of people are starting to settle in Airai.” They will be using the space to perform national operations.
A ground breaking ceremony is expected to take place after 6 months’ time according to the terms of the lease.
Chairman Asanuma conveyed his thanks to the board of Palau Public Land Authority for the monumental progress for Red Cross.
While Martin Sokau Chairman of Palau Public Land Authority expressed that “the board is very excited and looks forward to the ground breaking ceremony.”

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