The 6th person to die of COVID-19 in Palau is said to be a lady over 60 years of age, who passed away while in the covid ward at the Belau National Hospital.

All the COVID deaths occurred this month (February) and all victims were over 50 years of age with underlying conditions. In the first five deaths, 3 had received their vaccine but had not received the booster shots. Two were not vaccinated.

Palau’s Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) “Hybrid” Survey shows that 22.2% of adults living in Palau have diabetes and 36% are almost there (prediabetic), placing half of Palau’s adult population at risk of severe COVID effects.

Ministry of Health has repeatedly urged for people to get vaccinated and boosted to reduce their chances of becoming severely ill with COVID.

As of yesterday evening, there were a total of 100 new cases (combining Saturday and Sunday numbers), 820 total active cases, 15 hospitalizations, 6 deaths, 2,743 recovered, and 3,563 cumulative cases since August of 2021. Of those hospitalized, 7 are admitted for COVID-related symptoms, while 8 are admitted for other causes but have tested positive for COVID. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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