Dozens of Palauan senior citizens, arranged by the Bureau of Aging and Gender, Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs (MCCA), visited Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) farm in Nekken Aimeliik on September 15th, 2017 to learn about farming of vegetables and fruits. One of the TTM’s goals is to promote the concept of healthy nutritious diet such as “eating more vegetables and fruits” by collaborating with different organizations. These senior citizens can then share these concepts of healthy living to their family members.


The tour included vegetables and fruits introduction, walking around the farm route seeing, touching, smelling and tasting of various crops and fruit trees grown on the farm. These 20 senior citizens were enthusiastic and enjoyed their field trip. In addition to offering an opportunity for all participants to broaden their agricultural knowledge, TTM also provided taro seedlings for the senior citizens to plant at their home garden.

TTM has been devoting itself to agricultural developments for more than 30 years in Palau. Currently TTM operates a demonstration farm, which opens to the public for agricultural training and educational purposes. All agencies and organizations interested in farming tours are welcomed to contact TTM at 4886557, 5441012, 7796575, 7782318, or call Taiwan Embassy at 4888150. [/restrict]