The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, is pleased to announce the participation of 16 Taiwanese enterprises at the Palau-Taiwan Trade Show. This trade fair is an important trade event in Palau, serving as an ideal platform for companies from Taiwan, Palau, and the Pacific region to enhance trade relations and facilitate business transactions. The event will be held at the Palaisa Hotel in Palau from October 23to October 26, 2023.

The Taiwan Pavilion will showcase an extensive array of products tailored for Palau, including auto parts, food & drinks, diving equipment, and others.

  • auto parts: aluminum radiator, galvanized steel wires, trailer connector.
  • food & drinks: aiyu fig seed jelly, tea, canned desserts, soybean powder, walnut sesame powder, black sesame powder, smoked plum drink, honey pear & fig drink, Konjac pearl juice, syrup, biscuit.
  • diving equipment: diving suit, mask, snorkel, diving boot, life Jacket,
  • : hand truck, powder-type filter fabric series, cooking ingredient-type filter fabric application products, food and drink meshed grocery bag series, massage chairs, jewelry, fishing rod.

As pandemic ebbs, Palau has gradually recovered her tourism business in 2023. This year, Embassy of the Republic of China (TAIWAN) in the Republic of Palau invites the Ministry of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism and Development, Palau Chamber of Commerce, and Taiwanese Association of Palau to partner this exhibition, with the main focus on promoting tourist activities. Through this exhibition, Taiwan will showcase water sports products, such as the “Taiwan Excellence Award”-winning AROPEC Sports diving suits and fishing rod supplies, to local tourism operators for their consideration and purchase. Furthermore, several food companies with extensive export experience have been invited to exhibit Taiwan’s agricultural and food products. Among them are San Pin Tian, showcasing Aiyu Fig seed jelly and tea, Max Wish International presenting their dessert porridge, and O Health Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializing in health drinks.

In addition to offering brochures and promotional materials representing Taiwan’s main business sectors, TAITRA will prominently showcase products that have earned the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, known for their innovation and high quality. Moreover, TAITRA will assist visitors and buyers in sourcing suitable products and suppliers while proposing available business and partnership opportunities.

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