With exciting days of the 22 Mini Pacific Games in Saipan, and an excellent representation of Palau flag and national colors displayed by Team 22 at the Opening Ceremony, Palau Team 22 thus far is doing well in performances in their games and outside of the games at the Games Village and wherever the athletes are at – at all times. 

Team 22 Baseball wins of two games between Solomon Islands and CNMI has shown perseverance, patience and calm focus of Team to stay in their game plan and WIN.  This is the message by the athletes for the athletes and Palau Team 22.  Every evening at the Games Village, Palau Team 22 gathers for team meetings and to remind each other of the business of the Games and responsibilities as Palau athletes and Team and reasons to be here, to perform at the best. 

Palau Team 22 leadership of CdM Alonz Moses, and delegates from NOC President Frank Kyota, Secretary General Baklai Temengil and Senator Kazuki Sungino with NOC Staff Marcy Andrew, Stephanie Ngirchoimei and Kenny Reklai presented Palau’s updates of the 2025 Mini Pacific Games in Palau during the Pacific Games Council General Assembly on Sunday June 19th.  Palau’s presentation could be found at the Palau NOC FB page.

The 2nd week of the Pacific Mini Games will be hectic and busy not for Team 22, with all sports starting and/or coming to the finals of the events.  The week events start on Monday, June 20th with Beach Volleyball, Va’a/Canoe, Weightlifting, and Triathlon starting their events.  Technical meetings have been completed, draws done and now the games in full force.  Baseball will continue with 3rd game with Fiji on Tuesday June 21st, and the rest of the events to start with Athletics and Golf athletes to begin their events for Palau Team 22.  All the Games are broadcasted live-stream through YouTube channel via northernmarianas 2022 Games for each sporting event.  The Palau NOC FB page also provides daily updates on Palau Team 22 and links to the live stream events.

Palau Team 22 continues to express humble appreciation to all sponsors, Palau leadership, families and friends in Palau and here in Saipan for all the support both financially and in kind donations.  Palau Team 22 also recognizes the following individuals who have donated as well:  June 18th-Ramon Rechebei- mangoes and other fruits, Sherry Nakamura-sports drinks and chocolates and on June 19th- Percy Omchelang-donated Mixed fruits & plastic plates and Rota Senator Teresita Santos-10cs of water & 5cs soda.  Palau Team 22 also expresses “thank you” to everyone for all your encouragements and messages we receive via Palau NOC FB and also for following and watching the games in person and via internet, Thank you very much for all your Support.  You make it all possible for our Team 22 to perform at their best, because you are giving your best!

More updates of Palau Team 22, check out the Palau NOC FB page and follow for sports finals and closing ceremony June 25th information.

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