Launch of Palau Telecom’s 2G and WiFi services on Saturday January 20, 2018 attracted a crowd of local residents of Koror comprising Palauans and expats to Bethlehem Park on Saturday January 20th, 2018.


President of the Republic Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., Senate President Hokkons Baules, House Speaker Sabino Anastacio with Chief Ngirakebou Roman Bedor of Ngchesar and PPUC GM Kione Isechal graced the event as special guests.

PT Waves contracted the services of Fairwaves, a US based firm specializing in telecommunications to design a state of the art telecommunications system to complement the development of the industry in Palau by providing reliable, high speed WiFi internet and 2G services to those who are not interested in later generation mobile phones.

PT Wave’s owner and CEO, Sam Y. Masang remarked “we are thankful for the many years of support you have given us and helped us to continue our services and progress in the telecommunications industry”. As he continued his short speech he reminded the audience they were the cause for the relentless effort to improve their infrastructures and provide better services to support our economic and social development.  He further stressed the fact a collective effort by our leadership made it possible through a framework policy that provided for competition still and maintained shared ownership of our national infrastructures.  Referring to RPPL No. 10-17 which was signed by President Remengesau on November November 07, 2017, Masang was especially mindful of this piece legislation as noted in his speech as perhaps one of the most important basic component contributing to the advancement of telecommunications industry in Palau.

Masang assured the gathering PT Waves will continue to grow and improve as long as they have the community’s support and announced planned expansion to Babeldaob and the rest of Palau.  “we will be installing additional facilities in Ngatpang and Ngchesar to cover them and the neighboring state.  Thereafter, we look forward to covering the rest of Palau”.

After, Masang’s short speech President Remengesau gave his congratulatory message and further stressed the importance Palau Telecom Law that provided for competitiveness, improved services, affordability, and shared infrastructure costs.

Senate President Hokkons Baules, a well known proponent for 2G services was exuberant as he stood up to the podium and said “long live 2G” to the cheers of the crowd who apparently were happy to see the continuance of 2G services.

House Speaker Sabino Anastacio offered his congratulatory message with emphasis on benefits of improved business interactions this investment will bring to Palau and offered his personal appreciation to Mr. Masang and his family for making this remarkable investment in telecommunications in Palau.

Adding to the presentations and promotional schemes by PT Waves was a presentation by Mr. Alex Chemeris, a consultant with Fairwaves who gave an overview of the system and services available with the company.  He went on to inform the crowd PT Waves services access FSM, Guam, Saipan, mainland USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Philipines and more.  Chemeris also said 4G services would soon be available very soon, probably before mid year.

As part of its plan to reach as many potential subscribers possible, PT Waves offered SIM cards at ten dollars ($10) and that comes with 15 hours of free WiFi air time.  This offer realized over five hundred (500) registered subscribers adding to the two hundred (200) some who registered in the week before.

Before closing, Masang thanked the crowd and announced his plans to expand to Babeldaob as said, “we will be installing additional facilities in Ngatpang and Ngchesar to cover those areas and neighboring states.”  He added, “the true element of success is in your hands more than ours; and, we welcome your suggestions and ideas to keep our services sufficient and relevant.”

The event continued taking in potential subscribers until 05:00 p.m in the afternoon and reported shortage of SIM cards, but, Masang anticipated this and have prior to the promo ordered one thousand (1,000) more of them.

As an old competitor in the industry with its beginning in 1987 when it launched its initial line of services with vhs, uhf, and ssb radios it soon added wireless and cellular services providing support to the local business establishments as well as government offices and individuals.  The soft launch marks a milestone for the company’s effort to provide reliable mobile communications and WiFi services at affordable price.

For those who are interested in 2G and hi speed WiFi internet, please, contact the PECI/ PT Wave Office at this Number 488-2628 and ask for Ann Acebron for assistance. [/restrict]