Senator Mason Whipps called on the government and public officials to ensure that 2018 is also a “Year of Transparency,” and that the public be given greater access to information.

Whipps in an interview said his “Year of the Transparency” declaration was to sum up the seeming lack of government engagement with the public” in 2017.


He said that it was hard to get information from the government and that the public should be allowed to engage with the government and be more involved in government policies and decisions.

“I was hoping that year 2018 will be the year of transparency,” Whipps stated.

He noted that 2017 appeared to be a year where the leadership in Congress would make policy decisions without public hearings.

“The pubic should know all the time, the public is not on a need-to-know-basis,” Whipps said.

Whipps cited the lack of transparency in several issues, such as deliberations of the airport renovation and the passage of the new social security contribution rate.

“Being transparent is also being engaging and listening to the people who put you in the position,” Whipps said.

Whipps said the government should also strive for a “healthy” government by  focusing on the citizen’s right to information and be involved in public policies.  (By: Bernadette Carreon) [/restrict]