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Palau is looking to hire a seasoned lobbying firm in Washington D.C. to help with Compact negotiation work, according to a letter sent to Senator Hokkons Baules and Speaker Sabino Anastacio from Minister Kaleb Udui Jr., who is also Chief Representative on the Compact Review Advisory Group.

Minister Udui seeks additional funding of $500,000 to hire services of Akin Gump Group led by a Mr. Jeffery Farrow, said to be a “seasoned negotiator with decades of experience with Palau’s Compact.”

The letter states that the retainer fee is “steep” but is necessary “to ensure that Palau gets a sustainable Trust Fund and access to federal programs.”

Letter requests amendment to the budget bill which is currently in the Senate.  The source of funding is not specifically identified but Minister Udui urged the passage of the Tax Reform bill which he says will help with bring additional revenue and spread the burden of taxes. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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