President Surangel Whipps Jr. said that a good study is needed to ensure that Japan’s plan to dump toxic water in the ocean will not harm the Pacific.
“Good study is required for everything and we need to study what has been done and what they plan to do,” Whipps said when asked about his position on Japan’s plan to release treated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific.
Republic of the Marshall Islands earlier issued a statement calling on Japan to consult with other nations and allow an independent review of the potential impacts.
Whipps said he agrees with the call of the Marshall Islands for a further study of the plan and how the dumping of wastewater will affect the Pacific.
“We believe in what the Marshall Islands are saying that we need to look harder into it, of course, they oppose it. We are also of the position that Japan is our friend, and we believe that they have been involved in this issue in the past and know well the impact of it. The work they plan to do has a long-term impact and require extensive research and study.”
The president said, Japan being a close ally of the Pacific, he believes will do the right thing.
“But we still have to have trust between us… if they are going to do it, show us results of good study, who paid for it, and what will be the impact on not only the people of Japan but also the people of the Pacific.”
Japan meanwhile said that they will not release contaminated water in the Pacific, and said that the water is called Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) treated water”.
According to the Japan Embassy official here, “ALPS treated water” will be discharged into the ocean: fully in compliance with regulatory standards and practices set by the international organizations such as IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), maintaining transparency, accountability, and safety. We will provide our partners with information based on scientific evidence accordingly. The actual discharge is envisaged to be launched approximately after two years.”

President Whipps said it’s important that Japan work with the island nations on this issue.
“We are all in this Pacific and what damages Japan, damages all of us because we are all in this Pacific together, “ he added.

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