AUCKLAND, 10 MARCH 2017 (PACIFIC PERISCOPE)— Palauan Made is a family owned, home based enterprise run by owner, operator Tarita Holm.

The company produces snack foods made from local ingredients including Beach Almond Roca, Chocolate covered coconut candy with almonds, coconut candy, taro cookies and chips.


This year,Holm will make a two-day journey to the Pasifika Festival in Auckland as part of the Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I) Pacific Path to Market delegation.

PT&I NZ ran 10 Path to Market workshops in the Pacific Islands last year, helping local businesses to better understand exporting to the New Zealand market.

Holm of Palauan Made attended the PT&I Pacific Path to Market programme and was invited to participate in the next phase by coming to Pasifika Festival.

Twenty-eight companies from eight Pacific Island nations will form the delegation bringing with them authentic Pacific made products from their home countries.

Palau is a long way from Auckland.  In fact, it is an island in a chain of 200 islands in the Western Pacific, just 650 km south-east of the Philippines.

Holms company Palauan Made was started in 2010 on the family farm in Ngardmau State, Babeldaob Island.  She was motivated in business after visiting a local store and seeing overseas made products labelled “Made in Palau.”  Together with her family, they pooled their resources and went into business developing and showcasing authentic Palaun products to visitors, products made by local people using 100 percent locally grown ingredients.

Her first product was the very popular Beach Almond Roca, made of coconut candy known as uleld or ulei, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in roasted, chopped beach almonds or “miich.”  The almond comes from a native tree known by its technical name as Terminalia catappa but referred to locally as the Beach Almond or miich.  However, when beach almonds are not available, Ms Holm uses imported almonds to make Chocolate covered coconut candy with almonds.

Coconut candy or Uleld is a traditional Palaun candy wrapped in dried banana leaves and tied using the stalks of the plantalo another variety of banana tree.

Since then, Palaun made has extended its range to 10 different products all using local ingredients to make taro cookies and chips, taro oatmeal cookies, coconut caramel, sea salt and virgin coconut oil.  The products are now being sold to various retailers throughout Palau…..PACNEWS [/restrict]