Palau Wins 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal in Tahiti

The 2017 Oceania Wrestling Championships was held in Papeete, Tahiti from March 10-12, 2017. Competing for Palau were Randy Ngeyus, Cristian Nicolescu, Blesam Tarkong, Skarlee Renguul and Florian Temengil. Coaching the team was Franson Gibbons and Team Leader, John Tarkong Jr. The teams that competed were Australia, American Samoa, Guam, FSM, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Northern Marianas and the host country Tahiti. During this major event, Palau was able to capture 5 gold medals and 2 silver and 1 bronze medal. Palau also gained 2 new international referees – Skarlee Renguul and Chris Kitalong.


In the mens freestyle 61kg division, Cristian Etpison Nicolescu exploded off the mat with leg attacks against Keoni Terortua of Tahiti for the win. Cristian went on to meet Suraj Sing (NZL) in finals. Cristian won the match with a score of 10-8 for the gold medal. Sing defeated Drake Torress of Guam and received the silver medal, while Torress claimed the bronze.

Blesam Tarkong competed in the mens freestyle 66kg division against Ethan Aguigui of Guam. This was a very exciting match for both wrestlers after Blesam won their match at last years’ Oceania in New Zealand. However, this time Aguigui would steal the win by 2 points and a score of 11-9. Aguigui went on to meet Liam Neyland of Australia but lost 15-4 in the semifinals. Jordan Marshall (NZL) defeated Lam Neyland by TF, 16-5 to win the gold medal. Lowe Bingham (Nauru) defeated Heimana Piya (Tahiti) with a pin and score of 8-0 for the bronze.

Randy Ngeyus won the gold medal in the freestyle Cadets 58kg weight class. Randy would also go on to compete in the freestyle juniors 60kg division. Ngeyus competed in his first match ever against Keoni Rumia Terorotua of PYF but lost the match. Suraj Shahil Singl (NZL) won the gold medal after defeating Arapo Kellner (NZL) 10-0. Faifua Ipolito (American Samoa) won the bronze medal.

FS – 61kg: Cristian Nicolescu won gold against Suraj Singh (NZL) 10-8. Drake Torress (Guam) won the bronze after defeating Thomas Cicchini of Australia by 10-0. Cristian wrestled first match against Keoni Terortua (PYF) and won by pin and a score of 10-0.

Skarlee renguul wrestled Iafeta Peni Vou (American Samoa) and lost 16-7 in quarterfinal. The 1st place winner was Akash Khullar (NZL) after defeating Brahm Richards (NZL) by 13-3. The Bronze medal went to John Rojas (Guam) after defeating Tumauira Nordman (Tahiti) by 15-8.

In the heavy weight mens freestyle 125kg, Skilang Temengil defeated Jean-Francois Tini Tautu (Tahiti) with a pin and score of 4-0. Temengil went on to defeat Loic Tino Soane Tautu with a pin of 5-0. Loic won silver and Jean-Francois bronze.

On day 2 of the Championships, Randy Ngeyus competed in the Greco Roman style 58kg division. Samuel David Luke Harrisson (NZL) won the gold and Ngeyus the silver medal. Ngeyus went on to compete in the Greco roman junior 60kg division. Ngeyus wrestled Paul Gibay FSM but lost by 8-0. Ngeyus also lost to Arapo Kellner (NZL) by fall, 10-1.Kellner won gold, Gibay earned silverand Faifua Ipolito (ASA) won the bronze after losing by fall, 4-0 to NZL.

In the Greco Roman style 66kgj, Blesam Tarkong won gold the gold medal after defeating Lowe Bingham (Nauru) by 8-0. Low would win the silver medal and Cristian Nicolescu the bronze after defeating Keoni Terorota of Tahiti. In semifinal, Tarkong matched up against Nicolescu and beat his teammate by a score of 10-2. Nicolescu went on to wrestle Rajiv Pittman also of Tahiti and won with a score of 8-0 earlier in qualification round. Blesam beat Kooni Terorotual (Tahiti) by fall, 8-0 in qualification round.

In the Greco roman 75kg, Brahm Richards (NZL) won the gold medal against William Ahnne (Tahiti). Brahm NZL went on to defeat Skarlee Renguul by fall, 4-0. Skarlee won his first match against William Ahnne (Tahiti) earning the silver medal.

In the Greco roman 130kg division, Temengil defeated Jean-Francois Tini Tautu (Tahiti) by 10-2.  Loic Tino Soane Tautu (Tahiti) defeated Jean-Francois by fall, 4-4. Then in a major upset of the day, Loic won gold medal after defeating Temengil by fall, 2-4.

Overall, Palau won a total of 5 gold medals (3 gold medals in freestyle and 2 gold medals), 2 silver medals and 1 bronze in the Greco roman style.

Palau also gained 2 new international referees after completing the Referee Course held 3 days prior to the competition and officiating the matches. They were Skarlee Renguul and Chris Kitalong.

For more results and watching the live video of all the matches, you can go to the United World Wrestling website.

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