Albert and Ashley Debelbot speak to each other at the defendants’ table as their attorneys wait for Judge Arthur Smith’s decision to dismiss the charges against them, Tuesday, April 13, 2021 Darrell Roaden SPECIAL TO THE LEDGER-ENQUIRER

Albert Delbelbot, a Palauan man and his wife Ashley Debelbot, have been freed after 12 years of wrongful conviction in the dead of their infant baby, in 2008 in Georgia, USA.
Their case was dismissed by District Attorney Mark Jones of Muscogee Superior Court, a year after Georgia Supreme Court overturned their conviction.
In 2020, Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the Debelbots’ defense attorneys were ineffective during their trial and granted new trial.
New DA Mark Jones upon taking office, moved to dismissed the charges saying there was not enough evidence to secure a guilty verdict.
In an interview, the couple said that they were just happy that it was over and that now they could properly mourn their daughter.
In 2008 when the army couple, Albert Debelbot and his wife Ashely, who had just given birth to a baby girl, brought their daughter home from the hospital, she began showing unusual symptoms. They brought her to the hospital and she died shortly after.
The couple were arrested and tried for murder and were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
Their conviction was based on a testimony of the State assistant medical examiner whose opinion is based on an autopsy report. The State gave no evidence tying the couple to their daughter’s death and the couple’s lawyer did not offer any alternative explanation or evidence or witnesses on how the baby died.
Wisconsin Innocence Project who took over the defense of Debelbot and his wife made a motion for new trial saying the couple’s lawyer misrepresented them. They brought in four experts to testify on their behalf.
The experts all testified that the 3-day old baby died of “in utero stroke with consequent bleeding exacerbated by a rough delivery” and was not murdered by anyone.
The judge who heard the motion for new trial did NOT believe the experts and denied the motion for new trial. In February of 2020, the Supreme Court of Georgia reversed the decision and vacated the conviction and ordered new trial.
This month, District Attorney Mark Jones of Muscogee Superior Court moved to dismiss the case freeing the couple after 12 years of wrongful incarceration.

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