Back Row L-R: Ms. Bennie K. Moses-Mesubed, EOU Director of Multi-Cultural Center, Ms. Ayana K. Rengiil – Intern, Mr. Gaafa J. Uherbelau, PNSB Chairperson, Mr. Ismael S.F. Aguon – Intern, Mr. Kenley K. Rudimch-Kenneth, Mr. Noe Yalap, PNSB Student Network Specialist. Front Row L-R: Ms. Janine T. Tewid - Intern, Ms. Genesis Meaderds, EOU Director of Admissions, Ms. Caroline S. Skebong, PNSB Treasurer, Ms. Vivica D. Nakamura – Intern, Ms. Chelsea M. Pedro – Intern, and Ms. Sydney B. Ngiraidong – Intern

Palau’s investment in terms of scholarships for higher education is paying off with the return of many young people who have completed their college and university degrees abroad. These successful young Palauan students took advantage of the opportunity to receive Palau National Scholarship Board financial assistance to enroll in universities abroad and are now back home to begin their careers in local employment.

These successful university graduates applied for the PNSB Palau Fellowship Award during the Period of Covid-19 Pandemic and were awarded the summer 2021 internship.  These seven students will undertake an eight-week summer 2021 internship experience with local, national and regional agencies here in Palau. 

The following are the latest Palau interns who completed their PNSB Internship Orientation on July 2, 2021 and are now ready to begin their full internship experience. Meanwhile, Ms. Ayana K. Rengiil and Mr. Ismael S.F. Aguon both made exceptional power-point presentations separately during the orientation as part of program requirement called “Forum” as they are approaching the end of their internship.

It is hoped that the agencies who agreed to host them this summer will provide an opportunity for employment for the interns to begin their life-long careers in Palau. PNSB continues to support eligible Palauan citizens to gain higher education degrees in the field of studies based on their choices.

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