Palauans around the country and abroad celebrated Father’s Day, June 20th in different ways to honor Palauan fathers.

Father’s Day, a United States national holiday is taking on more prominence on this island country even though it is not one of Palau’s national holidays.  Same as Mother’s Day which is also extensively celebrated in Palau. 

Despite the impact of COVID-19 around the world, Palau fortunately was able to celebrate the day more freely due to lack of COVID-19 cases.  The day was celebrated with family get-togethers, a fishing derby, fishing and rock island trips, or other activities aimed at celebrating fatherhood.

Social media predictably was inundated with messages, photos, videos of celebration of fathers.  Because of COVID-19 and travel restrictions in place, the messages between families separated by distance made this Father’s Day more poignant and emotional for some.  Others are thankful that they are with their father’s during this time.

Among other widely celebrated holidays here that are not Palau national holidays are Mother’s Day and Valentines Day.

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