Palauans weigh in on the US presidential elections expressing their support for their preferred candidates. The debates over which candidate is better gets heated up both on social media and in local coffee shops.
“I like Trump,” said one Did ra Ngmatel coffee shop mate, “because of him I was able to receive stipend from WIOA, of $700, $1400 and now I am waiting for my third payment.”
“From the beginning of time democrats have always supported us, and they helped us through peace corps, through education, healthcare, scholarships,” expressed Lakius Malsol, also one of the coffee shop regulars.
He added that the democrats have always helped us and always will and with Biden he will help us even more.
In response, other coffee shop patrons broke out in uproar in favor of their candidate Trump, arguing that under Obama administration, he promised Compact funds but never came through until Trump.
On social media, the debate gets even more intense when a post that says “All Palauans love and support you (Trump) 100% got some angry retorts. “Not all! Please don’t speak for all of us,” retorted another.
“Not true at all, Trump is a liar, a crook,” expressed one Palauan on social media.
In local coffee shops where US presidential election is also debated heatedly, pros and cons of two US parties are argued, mostly against which had benefited Palau most.
Senator Hokkons Baules and Elected Delegate of Aimeliik Warren Umetaro who happened to be at the coffee shop Island Times reporter interviewed said that they are fine with whoever becomes president because of the close friendship of Palau with the United States.
Senate President Baules said, “No matter if Biden or Trump wins, United States will continue to help Palau because of our close friendship.”
With US presidential race getting close to conclusion, Palauans, both here and abroad are on the edge of their seats rooting for their preferred candidate.

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