March 16, 2023 – Palau’s street naming project is gaining momentum with the latest announcements from Kayangel State and Ngatpang State. The two states have joined the movement by naming their streets, in efforts to bring efficiency to essential services through the assignment of property addresses.

Ngatpang State has become the second state in Palau to officially name streets. Following Ngarchelong State, the 5th Ngatpang State Legislature (NSL) approved the adoption of eight street names recommended by Governor Jersey Iyar, with the work initiated by former Governor Francesca R. Otong. NSL Resolution No. 5-23-07 was approved January 24, 2023. The new street names are Mechebechubel Street that leads from residential areas to Kamesang Dock, Kamesang Place that takes you from Mechebechubel Street through to the east side of Kamesang Dock, Mechut el Lius Loop that is a residential area loop connected to Mechebechubel Street. Deluul Way is an access road that cuts through the Deluul area connecting to Kamesang Place. In Ibobang, the major secondary road is named Ibobang Road that takes you through the town, Taoch Era Rubak Place gives access to the town wharf, BMS Place gives access from Ibobang Road to the western shore, Olengetongel Way is a linking way from Ibobang Road to Taoch ra Rubak Place. The naming of streets and the assigning of property addresses will bring efficiency to essential services and will be an essential tool for development in the state.

Meanwhile, Kayangel State has become the third state in Palau to officially name streets. Following Ngatpang State, the 17th Kayangel State Legislature endorsed and adopted street names as recommended by Governor Richard Ngiraked and his advisors through Resolution No. 17-10-8SS passed February 20, 2023. The Governor and his team, mandated by the National Government under RPPL 10-50, took on the task of naming the streets. The state now has a variety of named roads, including the major circle island road called Orakirael Road, a connecting secondary road Beches el Chang Street that takes you through the village, and tertiary roads including Kedesau Way, Ngerurou Way, Bandarii Way, and Beteuar Way as linking ways providing convenient routes between different parts of the state. Other access roads are Emau Dimes Place and Blas Lane, which are residential area roads. Historical Trail takes you to Kayangel’s heritage sites, and Ulebongel Place gives access to the northwestern beach while Water Way connects Orakirael Road in the north with Ngerdokou, connecting Orakirael Road in the south of the island state.

“The successful implementation of the street naming project in both Kayangel State and Ngatpang State sets an excellent example for the rest of Palau’s states to follow. We congratulate the people of both states on this significant milestone achievement and look forward to seeing the project continue to advance throughout Palau,” said Mr. David Idip, Senior Analyst at the Palau Automated Land and Resource Information System Office (PALARIS).

Palau’s street naming project is a crucial step forward for the country, bringing immense value and efficiency to the planning and operations of government services, businesses, and personal activities. The project is part of the National Street Naming and Address Project, which was mandated by RPPL 10-50 to develop a uniform national street and home address system for the nation. PALARIS is responsible for implementing this project and each state government has the responsibility to adopt their own street names and have them officially ratified, as seen in the successful implementation of street naming projects in Ngatpang State and Kayangel State. 

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