ON January 17, 2022, Summit Realty of Palau teamed up with I-International of Tokyo, Japan as an International Associate for the purpose of providing professional consultation and marketing of real estate worldwide.

I-International, whose President is Yoshiyasu Ishido, was founded in Rappongi, Tokyo, Japan in 2006. Today, the company has networked with over 100 countries, with Palau’s Summit Realty being the latest member to join the firm.

Jackson M. Henry, Principal Broker and Real Estate Appraiser of Summit Realty Palau said, “It is another milestone accomplishment for our company to network with the professional firm I-International to enhance our global presence so that Palau based clients can be served best. I see a bright future for both our companies working closely together in unison”.

Summit Realty was founded in year 2000 in Palau as the first stand-alone, full service Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal Company that has brokered some of the largest property transactions in the country and has compiled more than 3276 Appraisal Reports for foreign investors and local clients.

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