Guests listened to Ms. Ann Singeo (standing near the lectern) during the celebration of the Protected Areas Network's 16th year anniversary.

The Protected Areas Network (PAN) celebrated its 16 years of animal life and environmental conservation work through a conference highlighting all of the 16 states and their work in protected areas including Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).  The two-day event is held at the Ngara-amayong Cultural Center and will wrap up today with presentation to national leadership.

Presentations and discussion focused on impact PAN has had on the people and communities coming together to preserve the uniqueness of their States. Results of the work they do will  impact  generations to come.

Those in attendance include Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism, PAN Office, Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement and students from high schools. High School students were exposed to the work being done by the people on the protected areas and to hear what they have to say about it.

Activity sessions cover thematic areas like Capacity enhancement, Community engagement, Enforcement, Governance, Sustainable Financing and Youth Perspective.

The diverse youth from different schools got together and did an activity with Ebiil Executive Director Ann Singeo about what’s important to them, conservation of fish, conservation of the environment and why its important.

Young people will make presentations of their perspectives on cultural and natural resources to the president and members of the OEK on November 26. (Kerdeu Uong)