Mr. Kmedrang Cameron Sengebau has been hired by Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) as the new Aquarist. In this position Mr. Sengebau will assist with the maintenance of  all of the live exhibit tanks and general animal husbandry. Other responsibilities involve collecting aquarium organisms, and providing guided tours to school groups and other visitors.


In 2013, Mr. Sengebau graduated from Maris Stella School. He attended Xavier High School in Chuuk, FSM and graduated in 2017. Currently, Mr. Sengebau is enrolled at Palau Community College (PCC) where he is studying Liberal Arts. Mr. Sengebau eventually plans to transfer to a four year college where he either wants to major in Marine Science or Architecture. He hopes to take this time to continue gaining experience that will help narrow down his educational interests and career goals.

Aquarist work is not new to Mr. Sengebau. In 2015 and 2016 he interned at the Palau Aquarium under the supervision of Chief Aquarist, Asap Bukurrou.  As an intern Mr. Sengebau became very familiar with fish husbandry and tank maintenance. These internships not only provided Mr. Sengebau with 240 hours of work experience, but they also ignited a lasting passion for the field of conservation.  “I am excited for a fun learning experience that will provide me with memories to last a lifetime,” Mr. Sengebau says on his new position at PICRC.

In his free time Mr. Sengebau enjoys drawing and loves to be around the water. He spends his free time swimming, kayaking and frequently fishing with his family. Mr. Sengebau’s family is from Ngerbeched in Koror, Palau. He is the son of Fernando and Alison Sengebau. His father is the Director of the Bureau of Agriculture and his mother is the Clerk of Court at the Office of the Clerk of Courts. [/restrict]