The governor of Hatohobei State, Huana Nestor, led her state’s people to attend the workshop held by Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) on September 26th, 2017. Many Sonsorol State’s people also joined the activity on that day.

In the beginning of the courses, Vincent Yang, the team leader of TTM, briefed the history and goals of TTM which was established in 1985. The training courses, including island reefs crop cultivation and compost production, were presented by Jeffery Lin and Benjamin Tsai, two agricultural specialists of TTM, in order to promote one of the TTM’s goals, the concept of “Growing Your Own Food”.


25 participants learned the skill of crop cultivation on island reefs and the know-how of composting from their home garden’s material. The governor of the island state and many participants who joined the courses said the techniques were very useful that encouraged them to grow their food at home.

Taiwan Technical Mission in the ROP has been dedicated to assisting agricultural development in Palau for more than 3 decades. It operates a demonstration farm in Nekken Aimeliik, to service the farmer’s requests and to administer a number of programs. These programs include taro seedling production, taro varieties preservation, school farm program, school lunch vegetable supplement, agricultural techniques consultation and other special requests.

All agencies and organizations interested in farming training are welcomed to contact TTM at 4886557, 5441012, 7796575, 7782318, or call Taiwan Embassy at 4888150. [/restrict]