On September 25, 2017; Palau Visitors Authority with the collaboration of Angaur State Government conducted our second site cleanup at Angaur State. Our main objective is to support each state with the maintenance of their tourist sites, improvements such as production of new signage, maps and brochures for promotion and advertisements. Our first site cleanup was held in Ngardmau State, at the Olketokel Bad with volunteers from other states.


This year Angaur State volunteered their state for the site cleanup project, requesting beach cleanup for Iuaiu and Ngeruchei. Seventy trash bags were filled with debris such as plastic bottles, slippers, foams, bottle caps and many kinds of plastics along the beach as well as the shore area. The group also managed to clean one of the Japanese Shrine in Iuaiu.  PVA would like to thank the volunteers who assisted us in this project, the following are names of volunteers who made this cleanup possible and successful are, Koror State Government: Sandy Fernandez,  Phedias Brel, Techur Timulch, Ray D’Diich Isao, Mayumi Sione, JICA volunteer, from Ngardmau state: Peggy Hanser, Mercy Beketaut, Pamela Ruriik, Lora Ruluked, Orrenges Tudong, Yamato Towai, Ashley Telbiil August, Stuart Celestine, Valhid Matsuo, Vahid Beketaut, Ngaremlengui State: Glenda Mechadelchutem and Melvin Olkeriil; Peleliu State: Tangy Hesus; Angaur State:Jay Alfred, AO Kastol Hesus, Marino Thomas, Jessie Marcil, John Lewis, Susan Hesus, Lorie Blau, Martha Orrukem, Kekwii Rodas, Noel Ngedebuu, Jedro Kadiasang, Leonaides Gabriel, Elizabeth Isamu & Legislator Wilbur Tellei.

Once again, PVA would like to take this opportunity and extend our sincere appreciation to Governor Kenneth Uyehara, Ms. Lorie Blau, State Tourism Representative and state volunteers for your continued support towards PVA’s projects, activities and programs. We hope to continue working together promoting and Keeping Palau Green & Healthy for a Pristine Paradise Palau.

For more information regarding PVA activities and programs please contact our office at 488-2793 or 488-1930. Please visit our PVA facebook profile for short videos of the Angaur Site Cleanup. [/restrict]