Spay and neuter all of your pets when they are young! Kimberly Elarionoff brings four puppies for their spay/neuter surgery and frequented the PAWS Airai & Koror clinic, sterilizing all of her many dogs. Be a responsible pet owner!

The Palau Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) partnered with San Diego Spay/Neuter veterinarian, Dr. Terry Paik, and sterilization clinic specialist, Marie Chenery, to take the new PAWS mobile spay/neuter clinic to some of the Babeldaob states in Palau, in addition to working at the PAWS Topside clinic in Koror.  This successful partnership was held between Sept 7th and Oct 1st, where low-cost spay and neuter sterilization surgeries were done in Ngardmau, Airai and Ngeremlengui, as well as Koror.  A total of 275 surgeries were performed, including 205 dogs and 70 cats.  Surgery costs were subsidized by a grant to PAWS from the Australian Embassy, Direct Aid Program.

PAWS extends a special heartfelt thanks to Dr. Paik and Ms. Chenery for their untiring contribution to humane dog and cat population control in Palau. Dr. Paik stressed the importance of spaying and neutering animals to control the stray animal population and said “Healthy pets make healthy families.”  According to Ms. Chenery, these clinics help with the overpopulation of pets, and she recognizes “the responsible pet owners of Palau who have learned how important pet sterilization is to developing a more healthy pet population and thus a more healthy human population. “ 

Of the 275 surgeries carried out, 75% were dog sterilizations and 25% cat sterilizations.  PAWS promotes sterilization of both dogs and cats, both males and females, which helps control the overpopulation crisis where otherwise healthy animals are unnecessarily euthanized in Palau each year.  Sterilization also helps protect Palau’s unique biodiversity and promotes human health via improved animal health. There are also medical and behavioral benefits to spaying (female) and neutering (male), such as your pet will live a longer, healthier life, no complications from pregnancy and males won’t roam!

The month-long spay/neuter clinic would not have been possible without the numerous partnerships and dedicated volunteers.  Partners include Ongedechuul System of Conservation Areas (OSCA), Ngardmau, Airai State Government, Ngeremlengui State Government and the Bureau of Agriculture.  PAWS also wishes to thank our numerous volunteers for their long days and tireless service, including Kaylee Giramur, Kailey Gabrian-Voorhees,  Rebecca Hennies, Liz Howard, Dave Smith,  Linda Page, Claudia Schnaars, Dr. Ryo Suzuki, Carol Whalen, PAWS Coordinator Miel Sequeira-Holm and the PAWS Board of Directors: Judy Otto, Lori Colin, Jennifer Ngiraiwit, Nik Ngirailild, Blanche Salii and Cliff Terry.  We would also like to acknowledge the important contribution of WCTC Ace Hardware towards the PAWS Mobile Spay/Neuter Van, an essential component to the overall program, Surangel & Sons for their donation of chairs to facilitate the Koror clinic, Palau Tennis Federation for use of their facility in Airai, Coral Reef Research Foundation for logistics support, the Australian Embassy Koror- Direct Aid Program, and private donors for frequent-flyer tickets and additional funding.  As Ms. Lori Colin, founding member of PAWS highlights, “the work of PAWS relies on the generous efforts of its volunteers and we greatly appreciate everyone’s contribution.”

PAWS will continue its outreach to communities outside of Koror and is developing a comprehensive program of promoting pet sterilization, responsible pet ownership and humane animal control.  The PAWS weekend vaccine clinics will also resume; for more information please contact us at 775-PAWS(7297), by email at, or visit our Facebook page, @PAWSPALAU for further updates. 

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