The sixth mobile animal sterilization (spay and neuter) clinic for 2022 held in Peleliu April 15-21 was a success due to a multi-agency partnership. Pictured from Left: Kaylee Giramur, Dr. Pamela Hernandez, Ms. Judy Otto, Ms. Lori Colin. Pictured from Right: Ms. Marie Chenery, Dr. Terry Paik, Kelly Laverick and Sky M.

The Palau Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and their full time Veterinarian Dr. Pamela Hernandez partnered with visiting Veterinarian Dr. Terry Paik and Palau Pets Plus to take the PAWS mobile spay/neuter clinic to the state of Peleliu. This successful partnership was held between April 15-21, 2022. A total of 117 spay and neuter surgeries were done over the five days. Surgery costs were subsidized by a grant to PAWS from the Australian Embassy, Direct Aid Program.

PAWS would like to thank all those who helped make this clinic at Peleliu a success: Gov. Emais Roberts, Peleliu State Staff Shari Nicholas, Marlyne Kodep, and Etelel Siangeldeb, local residents Joel Okada and Des Matsutaro and PAWS staff and Volunteers, Dr. Pamela Hernandez, Dr. Terry Paik, Ms. Marie Chenery, Ms. Judy Otto, Ms. Lori Colin, Mr. Dave Smith, Kaylee Giramur, Sky Meltel and Kelly Laverick.

PAWS promotes sterilization of dogs and cats, both males and females, which helps control the overpopulation crisis which results in otherwise healthy animals being unnecessarily euthanized each year.  Sterilization also helps protect Palau’s unique biodiversity and promotes human health via improved animal health. Animals that are spayed (female) and neutered (male), will live a longer, healthier life – no complications from pregnancy and males won’t roam!

PAWS wants to organize more mobile clinics bringing spay and neuter services close to people and their pets. Pleases call us at 775-PAWS (7297) to plan a clinic in your state or hamlet.

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