On Nov 6th, Counselor Jason Huang, on behalf of the Taiwan Embassy, made a donation of $1,600 to the Palau Baseball Federation (PBF) in support for Palau national baseball team to attend 2nd Micronesian Baseball Classic in Guam from Nov 14th to 18th, 2017.


Temmy Shmull, the president of the PBF, said that Palau is sending a national baseball team of 20 people, including 17 elite players, assistant coach, head coach and a team manager to participate in the 2nd Micronesian Baseball Classic. To win the championship, the Palau national baseball team players were carefully chosen and had gone through intensive training for this upcoming event. PBF president Shmull believes that the team is well-prepared and is optimistic that it has the chance of winning the game this year.

The Micronesian Baseball Classic was introduced by Palau during the 2015 Micronesian games technical meetings in Pohnpei. In 2016, Saipan hosted the 1st Micronesian Baseball Classic and baseball teams from Guam, Kosrae, Palau and Saipan participated in the event. Palau was supposed to host the 2nd Micronesian Baseball Classic this July. Due to the dengue outbreak in Palau, the event had been rescheduled to November and to be held in Guam. The purpose of this event is to promote and elevate the sport of baseball in the Micronesian region. Taiwan Embassy is pleased to support the Palau national baseball team and wish its success in the coming event. [/restrict]