On Thursday, September 2, 2021 Palau Community College, represented by Board of Trustees Chairman Billy G. Kuartei and President Dr. Patrick U. Tellei and Telungalek ra Melilt, represented by Ngiramelilt John B. Skebong, Belechel Foober Obichang Skebong, and Masubed Skebong signed a new lease agreement for a tract of land in Ngermeskang, Ngeremlengui, the current site of the College’s Research & Development Station.   The agreement extends the College’s use of approximately 94,000 square meters or 23.227 acres of land owned by Telungalek ra Melilt for 50 years from July 2023 to June 2073. The parcel includes existing easements, access road and rights-of-way. 

Also present for the signing of the landmark contract were:  Kione J. Isechal, Secretary/Treasurer, PCC Board of Trustees and Dr. Christopher Kitalong, PCC Vice President for Cooperative Research and Extension.

The successful execution of the contract allows the College to continue its agriculture and aquaculture research and development programs as well as agriculture related academic programs. In addition to the Research and Development Station, PCC also runs a Multi-Species Hatchery in Ngermetengel, Ngeremlengui.   

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