“They go to school for eight hours, taking high school courses and college classes at the same time,” said Dr. Patrick Tellei, President of Palau Community College, of the students that are in the Palau Community Collect Career Technical Education (CTE) Program.

So far the program has graduated seven (7) students and currently, 24 students are registered in the program, added Dr. Patrick Tellei.

The program provides high school students interested in the program to chose a particular field of interest and start taking college courses in that field in addition to their high school courses.  The program fast-tracks the student to achieve both high school diploma and college associate degree at the same time.

“It is not for everyone. It’s for students willing to work harder,” added Dr. Tellei.

Palau Community College pays for the college courses the students take.  The program does not take away from the students’ PELL grants.

High school students can graduate with a high school diploma and a college associate degree.

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