Four Palau Community College students, under the PCC’s Information Technology program, completed their final requisites this summer through their internship at the Palau International Coral Reef Center. This year, PICRC was able to collaborate with PCC students Dean Jr. Rudimch, Rory Ongrung, Masaharu D. Gulibert and Alik Ulechong from June 5 to July 19, 2023- a total of 96 hours of internship.

            The four students had a number of tasks to do during their 6 weeks’ internship. They worked with PICRC’s departments to do a proper inventory of its electronic assets, compiled a list of all the computers and their assessment, provided training and small workshops on computer networking and file sharing with the staff, and were also able to create a map of all internet/computer wirings within the center. By the end of their internship, the interns also provided recommendations on which computers are “obsolete” and needed to be upgraded as well as other computer software recommendations that can be used to manage tasks and ensure a smooth startup & shut down of the computers. The interns along with their mentor, Ms. Johvanna Yaoch, also created a User Agreement Contract which will help protect PICRC’s data by addressing how to manage and share data securely and what steps to take if there are any breach of information and/or liability issues.

            PICRC’s interim CEO, Lkong Koshiba expressed her appreciation to these 4 students and their mentor for a successful internship. “We are very lucky to have had this internship collaboration with the college and we can’t thank the students enough for their recommendations and most especially the draft of the User Agreement Contract and the other upgrades that we need to do to ensure that our work here at the center will run smoothly in the future”.

PICRC continues to collaborate with Palau’s only college to provide a professional work environment for interning students. As most internship focus interests on Marine Science, there are other fields or career opportunities to aspiring IT Technicians, Teachers, Accountants and so much more. PICRC carries on its daily work to ensure its mission to be center of excellence that produces high quality and impactful research, education and opportunities to support the stewardship of Palau’s ocean resources.

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