Ms. Rubie Gabriel, a student from Palau Community College (PCC) is currently interning at the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). Rubie began her Internship on January 24th and is expected to complete her Internship and Field study by May 5th of this year.


Rubie graduated from Palau High School in May 2014 and enrolled at PCC majoring in Environmental/Marine Science. While she is fulfilling her PCC courses with PICRC she works part time   as a Dolphins trainer’s assistant at Dolphins Pacific. Upon completing her education, she is interested in becoming a researcher in the future.

Over the years, PICRC has continually hosted PCC students, especially from the Environmental/Marine Science program to help raise students’ capacities in the field of marine science. PICRC will continue to strengthen its partnership with PCC and its students in hopes that one day, Palau will be able to produce more local scientists that will help in Palau’s efforts in marine conservation and management in the region. [/restrict]