On September 10, 2020, the Palau Conservation Society (PCS) and the Belau National Museum (BNM) in partnership with Kaudiais brought about 20 students and teachers from Peleliu Elementary School to the northern Peleliusandflats, known as lkes, to monitor the abundance of migratory coastal and shore birds that can be found at the site. Through a memorandum of agreement with BNM and Kaudiais,PCS had the honor of working with Peleliu Elementary School in the effort to raise educational awareness of Peleliu’s unique migratory birds that can be found at the Northern PeleliuLkes, or sandflats. 

The students were given an informational presentation at the school before they were brought to the lkes to experience the bird watching first-hand. Over 3,100 birds can be found at the lkes at any given time, ranging from 29 different species of coastal migratory birds.

This activity is one of various projects under the 2-year project entitled Education Campaign for Migratory Birds in Palau. Over the past 8 years, BNM has produced the State of the Birds Report as part of its national obligation for this program in partnership with PCS. BNM and PCS work together on the Palau Bird Records Committee and on biodiversity, forest, and wetland awareness campaigns.

Special thanks to Peleliu Elementary School staff and teachers for a successful and fun trip for the students! 

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