Koror, Palau- Following the announcement of August 2018 as “PCS Membership Month”, PCS was on a mission to recruit new members to enroll in their allotment program towards PCS’ Endowment Fund. In an initiative led by college intern Dillon Meriang with the guidance of PCS Development Officer Genna Saiske, numerous offices and individuals were visited and recruited to become new members of PCS.  

[restrict] Among the offices visited were Office of the President and Vice President, Ministry of State- Passport Office, Palau Supreme Court offices, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries & Commerce, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Koror State Government. Individuals who signed up were very polite and very willing to contribute towards PCS’ Endowment Fund with the assurance PCS would provide assistance at the year-end tax filing. The membership month also brought out many community members who were eager to learn about on-going PCS projects and other ways they can support PCS efforts in the preservation of our unique natural heritage. Others were instrumental in assisting with recruiting fellow co-workers, staff, and family members to enroll in the endowment program.

The work of PCS would not be made possible without the strong support from the local community. In one month, PCS signed up more than 100 new members. The show of love and support from the community is a positive indication that a majority of Palauans believe in the importance of “Healthy ecosystems for a healthy Palau”.

The continued support from the local community is highly valued and PCS would like to thank all members for their kind contribution. A very big thanks you to all new members of PCS and never forget that PCS office is always open for visits, inquiries, question, and concerns. If you are interested in enrolling in PCS’ Endowment Program, please do not hesitate to contact PCS Development Officer at 488-3993/4716 for proper assistance in filling out a form and instructions for the year end tax refund. [/restrict]