Koror, Palau – On August 21, 2021 Palau Conservation Society (PCS) received support from beyond Palau’s reefs. The Asia Pacific Group of Raymond James donated $2,500 to PCS to support its ongoing conservation work within local communities.

Mr. Daniel Roland, Managing Director of the Asia Pacific Group of Raymond James, special delivered the donation to PCS via courier mail.

The generous donation will go towards both community initiatives and ongoing government work that PCS has been involved in since its founding in 1994. One particular initiative, namely the Koror Fisheries Project as initiated by the PCS Conservation & Protected Areas program (CPA), will benefit from the contribution. CPA is working with community members throughout the various villages of Koror state to create up-to-date and sustainable fisheries guidelines.

The PCS Board of Directors and staff are grateful to Raymond James, Mr. Roland, and all donors for their support, especially in these difficult times. Any company or individual who would like to make a donation is encouraged to contact Ms. Michelle Ngirutang, PCS Executive Director at 488-3993, via Facebook at facebook.com/PCSPalau or visit www.palauconservation.org  

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