Koror, Palau – Their names are Dilluna Rivera and Coral Marcil – both from Palau, and Melody Sewralur and Suejin Kim from Yap and Chuuk, respectively. This July, these four seniors will be completing 160 hours of internship work for Palau Conservation Society (PCS). Coral, Dilluna and Suejin are students at Xavier High School. As part of their studies, each student is required to do an internship over the summer between their junior and senior years. Melody attends Mindzenty High School and applied for the internship based on her strong interest in the ocean and in conservation areas. Despite their many options, the women decided that PCS would be the best fit for a work-based experience. [restrict]

The students’ internships will kick-off with a ten day camp focused on conservation leadership and empowerment. The camp is sponsored by Heirs to our Oceans. From there, the young women will be stationed at the PCS office where they will research, develop, and implement strategies to expand PCS’ social media footprint. Throughout their month-long experience, students will also receive career development assistance, college coaching, and get a chance to go to the field.

“I would like to learn more about Palau, its environment and the things PCS is doing currently to help maintain it. I [also] want to experience how it is to have a job,” said Coral Marcil when asked what she’d like to learn. PCS’ internship programs are in line with the organization’s efforts to preserve Palau’s natural heritage for present and future generations. For more information, please contact 488-3993. [/ restrict]